Git yer inner cowboy goin’

It was a mighty fine western cowboy and cowgirl event goin’ on in Durango tonight.

We all had some fun at the Strater Hotel, listen’ to some ragtime music, gittin’ served by dance hall girls, and even saw some cowboys nearly come to blows. One of ‘em had a gun and was threatening to use it.

There was a cowboy the sheriff was lookin’ for.   I asked if there was a reward for findin’ the guilty cowpoke. The sheriff told me the reward would be a hug.

“Dang, I’ll give ya all a hug right now.” He did just that, right in front of the crowd, bar tender, the piano player, and the dance hall girls,  inside the Strater Hotel.


IMG_2407 2

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  1. Laureen……I would REALLY like the Strater hotel !!!!!!

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