Ginger, Buffy and I went for a ride

Marilyn’s doggies, Ginger and Buffy hopped in the car and off we went. It was my maiden voyage to Durango by myself, down the steep, rocky hill.

I managed okay, with heavy concentration on the gears and steady driving through the center of the road. The winter months are more of a challenge in these parts.

I remember our house, in Vallecito, when the snow got so deep, the front deck had a high snow bank that prohibited getting into the front door. Well, I did get in. I just climbed on top of the hill, reached over and opened the door, and slid in. I saw where the entrance to our old house has been improved. I’ll get over to that road one of these days and take a photo of the house.

Anyway, Ginger and Buffy went to doggy day care while I went shopping for some warmer clothing. It’s not cold here yet, but will be real soon. I had only a pair of rubber thongs and a pair of sandals. Now I have tennis shoes and a pair of loafers.

This will do until cold weather sets in.

I took the photos here of Vallecito Lake, near where we lived and not far from Marilyn’s house. It’s a beautiful lake and I have many beautiful memories of it.




4 Responses to Ginger, Buffy and I went for a ride

  1. Hi Laureen,
    Happy (Belated) Birthday!! Remember that you used to lord it over me these few days that you were older than me? Well now the table is turned and I am still only 76, a mere child 🙂 .
    Sounds like you had a real trip down memory lane in Denver, thanks for the pictures of 618 Perry and your house, I forwarded them on to my siblings- they were dismayed that the forsythia bushes and the cherry tree were gone. I guess it’s true “you can’t go home again”. Love, Sonja

    • Sonja,

      I thought I had replied to this but can’t find it….must be my age, ha ha.
      The houses to look different from our years there, huh?

  2. Sounds and looks like a beautiful area that you are in! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying yourself and Marilyn’ animals! The kitty has had no problems warming up to you!

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