Gifts for volunteers

How do you keep a volunteer motivated? Showing appreciation is on top of the list, but how do you demonstrate that?

I was on the agenda this morning for our weekly AmeriCorps meeting and the topic was high value volunteers, how to get them, how to keep them, and how to show appreciation.

I wrote to my friend Sumi Haru, who for many years promoted events for the city of Los Angeles. She sent me a list of ideas and my group took them all in and will use some of them for large events.

Then, I had some ‘silly’ ideas that also went over well. Those were little packages of candy and other items with an attached note. These are good for smaller events, such as gallery openings.

Examples: a package of Life Savers, with the note, “You’re a life saver…thanks”

A bag of animal crackers: “This place would be  a zoo without you.”

A pack of peanuts: “We’re nuts about you.”

A Mounds candy bar: “You make a mound of difference…thanks.”

A candle: “You light up our life.”

Do you have any ideas for large and small events? Or have we exhausted them?


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  1. Clever ideas, Laureen!

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