Getting educated

sophakTop photo: Sophak, my incredible teacher and guide. The photo below is the National Museum and the bottom photo is an elephant bush on the museum grounds.museumelephant bushIt was another day of learning and fun. After breakfast, Sophak went over the vocabulary and sentences in Khmer language, with me. Then the tuk tuk driver dropped us off at the National Museum, where I saw an extensive collection of sculptures and bronze artifacts, some going back to the 4th century. I’m always pleased to see a country display their culture and history. It’s a true gift.

The grounds were beautiful with a few elephant bushes. The elephant was a big part of the Hindu religion, which was the practiced religion in Cambodia before Buddhism.

In Cambodian political news today, a violent protest took place yesterday in Freedom Park. Four protest leaders were arrested. Also the Embassy has warned travelers to watch belongings as there had been some recent robberies.

Today we also attended a lesson given by Friends International. Their work consists of giving traveler tips from the Child Safe Network. Little children with pitiful and sad faces approach to either sell something or beg. The advice is not to give to the children; but instead contact one of the official ChildSafe Network Sites, which can better serve the children and their families. There are nice gifts for sale that are made by the mothers of the children who found their way into the program.

The lesson on child safety was given in a room on top of a restaurant; the restaurant serves as a culinary school for teenaged children.

The last thing we did after lunch was to take the silk material I purchased at the market yesterday to a seamstress who will make a jacket for me, fully lined. It will cost $17, and will take only a few days. I was measured for a perfect fit.

We had lunch in another restaurant from the other days. We’re trying out a different one every day. I had the most delicious dish of fish in coconut, mint, basil, pine nuts and red peppers. Yum. I’m really liking the iced coffee served in a glass with sweet milk.




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  1. What a deal on a silk jacket! And it’s good you are pleased with your “deals” from the market the day before. Thanks for all the photos — they are great.

    • Marilyn: it was enough material to make another jacket, but who needs two of the same color?
      I’ll use it to make pillow covers or something.

  2. Paula and Bud

    Lauren…….so pleased to see you…….and the beauty of that place !
    Thanks for taking us along………you have a wonderful way with words !
    Paula and Bud

    • Thank you Paula and Bud,

      I’m trying to catch up. I was on the road all day today. I’m now in Viet Nam.

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