Getting back my memory and ignoring the pain

Well, if the ankle business didn’t slow me down some.

But now it’s better and my legs are back to the old ache that I almost conquered through the year of travel.

So, in order to get back in shape, I told myself to get out there and walk. So I marched down Branciforte to Soquel and walked all the way to Ocean; up ocean and then up back up Broadway to Branciforte again.

I observed a few landmarks from way back when by walking slow instead of taking a car down the street toward the main part of the city,

On Soquel I passed a building that once housed an office of  a man who had credentials in both medicine and law. He was an attorney who handled the case of a little girl who wanted to play in Little League. That was back in 1973 or 74 when I had a talk show called 27:40 (twenty seven minutes and 40 seconds).

I interviewed the gentleman, but because I wouldn’t have an opportunity to get the other side of the argument, he wasn’t allowed to say anything about the case.

But it did give him a forum to talk about how he became both a doctor and a lawyer. His name is probably in storage in my archives, otherwise, I’d name him.

He was already in his 60s during that time.

There were other buildings I remember, and one was a washer repair business. Inside the window was an old wringer washer. Anyone besides me remember those?

I walked through the pain only stopping twice to read posted notices on telephone poles.

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  1. Laureen…..wringer washers, yes. I even remember WASH BOARDS !!

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