Getting a whipping

What can you expect, huh? We’re out on an island all by ourselves, and subject to the weather. It has been warm, so I packed my Icelandic sweater away, but this morning, I brought it out again. It’s cold. It’s windy. But I forged ahead like a brave Icelandic bird, and hobbled  to the bus station – the right one – and went to town.

It’s not easy walking in strong winds when your hair is twisting around on your head and you cannot pat it down, because the winds are coming from all directions.

It didn’t take long to get to the post office and then a breakfast place for Icelandic pancakes, that look just like American pancakes, except with whipped cream. Whipped is the word today.

Then it was a return trip back to the hostel by bus. I don’t get lost anymore.

In town the other day I took a photo that is shown here of the “Bad Taste Record Store”. I didn’t want anyone seeing me go inside or they might think I have bad taste in music.

It reminded me of the “Careless Hair Salon” in Den Haag, Holland. Would you want some Careless hair stylist to create a ‘do’ for you? Perhaps they could make some money in Iceland taming windy hair woes.


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  1. Carla Hamelin

    With all the wind, any head/sinus problems? Maybe you should add an Icelandic hat to go with the sweater? Maybe these strange business names have something to do with translation from Icelandic to English? 🙂

    • No sinus problems, but legs ache. I’m taking a rest today. The nights are nightmares. I’m thinking about cutting my losses and finding a different place for the next 4 days.

  2. Hi Laureen, I detected a note of sadness at your leave-taking from Iceland. The photos from the air are beautiful. I’m looking forward to your arriving in Ireland. If you run across any of my relatives over there please give them my best. Bates is a British name but, we are Scots-Irish by ancestry I’m told. Have a safe trip and enjoy the Faroes. Take care…Bob

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