From Half Moon Bay to Salinas

It’s a long drive, but seeing the coast most of the way makes it worth it. I have to do it again tomorrow.

I had two missions today. One, to go to the Salinas Ford dealership to get the Sirius Radio up and running and the blue tooth phone set up again inside the car.

The second task would be to have the dentist check out the swollen gums for which I’ve been taking antibiotics, and what has made my face and neck itch like crazy. Guess I became allergic.

Anyway, it all went crazy; the folks at the dealership said they’d pick me up at the mall, someone drove me to, after four hours when I would call them to tell the driver where I’d be waiting. None answered my two calls and it was getting time to head over to the dentist. I took a taxi. Expensive business here in the U.S. When I arrived the dentist had forgotten I had an appointment, but no problem he looked at my progress, told me to stop taking the antibiotics and then I had to call the dealership again. Some joker kept insisting I called a ‘gigalo service’ and they couldn’t give me a ride. I insisted I had called the dealership, and I know I did, because I called the number I had previously called, and the number was correct.  He should be fired.

The good dentist had his assistant take me back to the dealership. While there I got the word they couldn’t get the Sirius car radio working again. Well, Sirius told me it was the dealerships’ fault, and now the dealership said it’s the Sirius company’s fault.



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