Fresh air

Yesterday, I had to leave my work on my future book about my yearlong journey to get outside for some fresh air.

It’s the beginning of the change into fall.  Where I’m staying, the air is fresh with smells of freshly rained on earth and pine trees. Aspens are quaking in the breeze.

I saw in the earth,  sparkling stones in shades of grey, mauve, brown, and various hues of granite and quartz.  And then there is  the bright red vine that twists and turns around a tree and theIMG_2225 large rocks that border the patio.

Below the house, I can see that aspens are changing into yellow. It won’t be long now for the splash of fall color everywhere.

While outside, I was discovered by the dogs as a stranger in their territory until they got closer and realized it was just the guest in their mansion.




4 Responses to Fresh air

  1. Laureen…. The sights,sounds and smells of that beautiful country !
    Your words and pictures have taken me there..thanks!

  2. I bet you can become neighborly with friends of nature there! Must smell good.

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