French pastry is good and that’s the law

There is the most fabulous bakery next door to the Monterey Post Office that I have been driving by for so long and never stopped in. It always looked too hard to find a place to park.

It’s in an old house and inside there are only three small tables. It’s just like sitting in a Paris cafe.

I met my new friend, Joanne there this morning and had a pastry with coffee. There were so many choices and most of the choices I have never seen before. I think if I go back once a week, it will take two years to try everything.

My friend is an immigration attorney and has recently got into another aspect of law: disability. She’ll practice both types of law.

We found so much in common, with my acquaintances from the news paper business, matching a few people she met through her law practice. One hour was not long enough to say all we wanted to say to each other. So we agreed to meet more often. She is one of my loyal volunteers.

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