Four more weeks

Just a few days over four more weeks, and the ten months of serving America is over.

There are still more events coming up and I’m still recruiting folks to volunteer. One of those is an organization that the Arts Council partners with. It is an agency that helps artists promote their art. I’m anxious to hear about one part of it. That is the writer’s residency. It looks intriguing.

This event is held on two days; one in the Arts Council gallery and one at Steinbeck Center.

Then the Artichoke festival is next; it is being held at the Monterey Fair Grounds for the first time ever. We’ll have several folks working at this festival.

Then  the photographer who is one of the Art Council’s calendar artists will be honored in a gallery show.

The next day after that, is the volunteer party.

So happy to be spending the last of my time in AmeriCorps serving only at the Arts Council of Monterey County.

Meanwhile, the old paper work continues, AmeriCorps meetings complicated by my moving out of this apartment.


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