flying with my favorite pilot

I got into the Icelandic domestic airport and there he was. My favorite pilot and instructor, Arngrim Jacobsen was walking into the bedlam where passengers were getting checked in to fly to the Faroe Islands.

We greeted with a hug and he led me all the way into the plane. What a privilege that is to walk into the plane with the pilot!

He had co-piloted Atlantic Airways into Reykjavik, and would make the return trip, but this time with his student from Durango Air Service,  from way back in 1994…me!

It was thrilling to be asked to sit in the cockpit during the last twenty minutes and observe the action that kept Johan, the Captain and Arngrim  busy getting the plane ready for the landing, which meant changing landing directions to fly into the airstrip from another way than usual, due to winds. It seemed as though there were a myriad of instruments to check, unlike anything in a small two seater Cessna.

Being in the cockpit and seeing the view is amazing.  There were cliffs and huge rock mountains on both sides of our path, and the close proximity of those rocks to the airplane took my breath away.

Then we flew into a valley and over the roof tops of the village houses and made a perfect landing.

After all the passengers left, Arngrim and Johan finished with their reports and paper work, I left again with Arngrim, got my luggage and walked past the fussiness of customs and to his car.

He lives an hour away from the airport and while we were driving he told me he had taken the time off from work to be with me during my time in the Faroes. What a guy!

We got to his home and I saw again his wonderful parents, Per and Eldrid, their wonderful grandchildren, and had a great fish dinner. It’s been five years, we all agreed since I was in their home with my friend Marilyn McCord.

On the way to the airport, I took some photos from the bus. It was the very, very last time I’d be seeing it, so I couldn’t waste a moment.

Happy Days ahead!



4 Responses to flying with my favorite pilot

  1. How exciting! Now I now you are truly happy, in your element!!

  2. How did Arngrim respond when you told him about the time the car broke down and your flight instruction in Colorado was due at a time frame within 15 minutes. What were the feelings between each other or was it just a right off and on with business.

    • Ronnie,
      We talked about the time I got my license and the car that broke down. He remembered that and we had fun talking about the old times and other pilots. I”m having fun with him and his family.

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