Fish and artichokes

IMG_1076 IMG_1078See what you can do with artichokes ?

Fish and artichokes on the calendar today.

The artichoke festival continued on and our Arts Council booth saw lots of little artists, and I had two awesome young volunteers. One young man took over the technology. And that was an extreme blessing to me.

My coworker, who helps organize the events when the Arts Council has a booth at a festival, is from the Czech Republic and has a set of twin boys who will be leaving for the sumner to visit grandparents, other relatives and friends in her country. They have two worlds, these twins. This coworker is busy with her responsibilities at work and at the same time is packing her kids up to leave on Tuesday from San Francisco.

And the two volunteers today, are leaving for Lithuania where their mother is from and where they go every year.

So what does fish have to do with this story? My son, Brad and his wife Debby, and I met at Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing. They drove down from Half Moon Bay along the coast, at 40 miles an hour in back of hundreds of bikers going the same way.

I got to Phil’s an hour earlier and the restaurant was packed, as it most always is. That is the best fish market and restaurant anywhere and is very popular. If you don’t know where it is, that is no wonder, for it is tucked on a back road in Moss Landing with the ocean at its back door.

They have an extensive, delicious fish menu and dinner was awesome. Brad thought it would be real funny to bring me some artichokes. Ha, ha, ha.

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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen….we know Phil’s fish market !! Niece, Nick worked there some time ago and learned a lot from Phil ! Great place to eat !

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