First day on the job

It went well. The first day on the job, that is. I showed up ten minutes early, and everyone in the office got there about 15 minutes after 9.

Then at 3, they were all leaving. “Wait, I don’t have a key.”

“Just lock the door and leave.” One of the workers said.

So at 5 p.m.,  I  turned out the lights, locked the door, and that was it!

Everyone in the office – 5 of us – were quietly working. I read the complete website, read up on volunteering for the arts commission, and a lot of what the last person left behind. She had much of it very well organized.

I have one event coming up where I’ll need some volunteers for an art exhibit grand opening.

I like it…I feel it’s exactly what I was made to do.

Carmel is an interesting place…lovely shops with lovely things to buy that you don’t need.

I’m surprised how many pet shops there are with accessories for the  pooches and kitties. I think that comes from influence of Carmelite, Doris Day, the lady who loves dogs and is known for her rescue efforts.

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  1. Laureen…so very glad there was that rainbow that came into your life……in the form of a job that fits just right for you.
    Hope The Book continues to sell……you don’t fall down ….and don’t run out of underpants !!!!

    • thanks Paula. I have been told this isn’t a ‘job’ but a ‘service to the community’. Because it’s funded through Americorps, it doesn’t come with a salary, but a small income, and enough for me right now. The ‘service’ will last for ten months, and then??????

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