Finding beauty on a walk

The first photo was taken from inside the window as the sun set a bit after 10 p.m. last night. The sunset will continuously move to the edge of the fjord, and then sometime in June, the sun will hit the horizon and then rise again. Soon, it will be sunlight for a continuous 24 hour cycle.


Today, I took a walk on the road opposite the town for a change. I have done that before when it was freezing cold, but today it was just cool and it was comfortable under my Icelandic wool sweater, which I wear everywhere. It has been the best investment of my journey so far.


One photo taken from a distance is just an example of how possible it is to find nature wherever you look. Here a small fishing boat is seen in the distance with geese near the shoreline of the fjord. On the same walk, I saw the beautiful horses near the shoreline, as well. That’s not all, birds of all kinds sang to me, some warning me that I was not to get too close to their nest. One bird that sounded like a tiny motor, circled around me for a long time. It found me again on the way back.

Two larger birds flew around within my camera’s distance, but I wasn’t fast enough to capture them. They also circled around me for a while.

This is a bird lovers paradise, for there are so many species, as I have stated before. For one, who is not into bird spotting and recording the find, I simply enjoy listening to their sounds.

On the walk, besides birds, horses, boats, there were marshes, rocks, wheat fields, snowy mountains, the changing flow of the water in the fjord, farms, an airstrip, and cars, trucks going to town. I also met a man on the way, who lives close to the hotel. He has created some humorous items made of stone and wood that can be observed in his front yard. A little wooden row of houses is an example of just one item. You can’t walk past his house without smiling. 

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  1. Paula and Bud

    Thanks for taking us on the walk with you. We enjoyed the sights and sounds through your words. Your pictures are really beautiful.
    Paula, Bud, Mary, and Sarah

  2. Thanks,
    I just spent an hour outside by the fjord watching and listening to the ducks.

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