Find life in a garden

The garden is alive.

Just sitting outside near or in a garden you can find peace, constant movement and comforting smells.

There are  squirrels acting squirrelly, their tails keeping rhythm with the joy in finding tidbits to stuff into their cheeks. Jumping on and off of the shed, around the oak tree trunk, sprinting on a wire and spying on you with sideways glances.

Spiders spin bridges from one plant to another in nearly invisible threads. I admire the strength for those bridges that become the beams to hold the web together.

Leaves fall from the trees, wooden chimes take me to a far away exotic place while the cats vie for a place on my lap.

Roses create a warmth and soft smell along with other plants and trees, that move gently in the breeze.

Chattering birds, swift butterflies, moths, bees, bugs, spiders, worms, probably snakes (although I haven’t seen any in this garden..yet) all prove there is life around me while I sit  and relish how, in the day-to-day life, there is quiet and peace continuing on and on in a garden.




4 Responses to Find life in a garden

  1. Your enjoyment of your surroundings no matter where you are keeps you young and vibrant.

    • Thank you Sumi: you know how to stay young and vibrant yourself. Tom mentioned you on my facebook page, about the election.

  2. That was sweet of Tom!

    • Tom is a nice person, very humble! I will for certain watch the movie he’s in whenever it comes out. It looks as though he has a large part in the film.

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