Finally, finally, finally, I found the motel in San F.

I left Auburn early enough this morning to take my time driving to San Francisco. Well, it rained nearly all the way, and due to several accidents, I got stuck in traffic more than once.

But that was nothing compared to finding the motel I reserved. Once I got into The City (that’s San Francisco to those who don’t live in Calif.), I immediately got lost in the maze.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it took two hours to find it. I asked 8 people for directions, and even tried to find a taxi I could follow, until folks honked their horns behind me, while I tried to explain to the taxi driver what I wanted him to do.

I’d almost find the right path and then I couldn’t turn to the correct direction, and had to drive out of the area before I could turn around. By the time I’d turn around, by driving to another street, I was way off the map.

One kind woman who I stopped and asked, put the map into my phone, but when I missed a street, I got lost again. It was so frustrating, but I didn’t cry, even though I felt like it.

You’d be surprised how many people think they know the right way, but tell you  the wrong way. Finally, three people outside of a building taking a smoke break, told me exactly the right way. I was so close but didn’t know it.

I’m in the motel, but not before I made everyone in the room waiting to sign in, laugh. I was a bit rummy from the long drive and the time being lost, that, by the time I was in the office to sign in, I was laughing…a bit hysterics, I think, but what the heck, it broke the seriousness of the evening for a few people in the office.

And I have a room. I got here too late to walk around and see The City, but by now, I don’t care.

When I left Auburn, I took a little side trip up the mountains and down the mountains to Placerville. That’s a lovely town with old houses left over from the mining days.

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  1. Wow! I can relate, the same thing happened to me one time in Abuquerque.
    Talk about frustration!

    • Hi Sonja: It took almost 2 hours, I’m embarrassed to say. Then, I learned the motel was a neighbor to the Tenderloin District. The motel clerk told me to take all valuables into the room with me. But, he said, the motel has a security guard.
      This was the gentleman I met earlier who asked me to move my car so he could get out.
      Later, I saw the same man across the street where I ate dinner. He told me the motel doesn’t pay him to guard, so he’s asking guests to help out. I gave him $5.00 in the hopes he would do a good job guarding my car. However, I didn’t believe him for a moment that the motel doesn’t pay. He had ‘liar’ written all over him. But, maybe he’d give my car special attention. I guess he did. After I took my phone, computer, charger, camera, and anything else I thought valuable, and went to the room, I realized the motel was sketchy. So I didn’t sleep that well, but all is good this morning.

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