Ferry business across the Rhine

The ferry picked me and one lady up at the Bingen port to cross the Rhine to the town of Rudesheim.

Picking me up for the return trip back to Bingen

Christiana was an unsmiling, and unfriendly looking person until I got her into conversation, and I then found her English perfect,  her smile fetching, and her knowledge about the area informative.

For the ten minute ride across the Rhine, she spoke about the many places I may like to see both in Bingen and in Rudesheim.

She mentioned Hildegarde, the benedict nun from nearly 900 years ago, has a serious following even today, and people go on pilgrimages in her memory. The chapel on a hill in Bingen is just a short walk away from the Forum of Hildegard and the garden that memorializes her.

She was 900 years ahead of her time, Christiana said. She had the ear of the king and other royalties, who sought out her advice and vast knowledge. She purchased property and had the second cloister built for the benedict nuns.

I like doors


To be honest, here, there wasn’t much to see in Rudesheim as most of the shops, museums and other attractions are closed during the winter. However, I did see a bus load of tourists get out and walk around as I did.

The old town is made up of narrow cobble stone alley ways, and streets, with both sides  lined with shops, restaurants and hotels. There are many hotels, and some are quite old, which makes a visit all the more fun and interesting. I like the window shutters, doors, the decor on top of doors, and window flower boxes.

Germany has a creative way of decorating small areas with flowers, leaves, simple twigs, pieces of wood and pinecones.

I always manage to pick up lots of ideas.

Life is good

One idea was the Black Forest Cake: it is layers of chocolate, vanilla cream, with one layer of cherries. Hmm delicious, and with a cup of cappuccino – life is good.



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  1. Lauren…re..Christiana….don’t judge a book by its cover ?
    I like doors and doorways too…..you have shared some special ones with us.

    • Yes, Paula, you’re right. You cannot judge a book….etc. Something must have happened just before she got on the ferry, and that’s what made her look mad. Maybe our conversation helped redirect her thoughts. Anyway, she was a very nice person.

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