Feeling sad

I was headed to Santa Cruz from Carmel at 5:15 p.m. after work, but had to turn back in Castroville. I knew I couldn’t make it to Santa Cruz in time to take a video of The Little Big Band who plays from 5:30 to 7 once a month in the Bocci Cellar. My son is the drummer.

I disappointed my son,  and this makes me so sad. I work until 5, and I can remember when it only took one hour to get to Santa Cruz, but now everyone and his/her grandpa/grandma/kid/cousin/coworker/boss/neighbor/dog catcher/meter reader/executive/fisherman  etc…..has to have two/three and more family cars to get an hour away that now takes two hours or more.

On  the last Friday of this month, I will get there to take a video or else.


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