Feeling appreciated

I had lunch today with my coworkers at the Arts Council. The staff was there and one board member. She graciously told us how hard we work and how difficult it could be to please board members.

She has been on both sides and therefore, understands both sides. Because of  her appreciation,  she gave each of us a little Christmas dish with home made fudge. It’s little things like that, that mean so much to me.

Later, the executive director showed me a story I wrote awhile back about an art teacher who teaches with a grant from the Arts Council. It’s being used for the Arts Council’s advertising and public relations.

At the yellow hat day I spoke with someone who had a good thing happen to him regarding his house when the financing looked bad a few years ago. He is a single father who takes care of his invalid daughter. You see them together everywhere. She smiles but doesn’t talk, and he’s a proud, proud father, and a very good one. I’m so happy I helped him along the way with a story that got the attention of a congressman. He saved his house.I learned  how much power the press has, and it’s good when used to benefit humanity.

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