Fatih district on a busy Saturday

Fatih section in Istanbul

This is seen outside of my bedroom window.


I have seen:

Eyes peering out from black shawls and head scarves over long black dresses.

Scarves on ladies wearing blue jeans and high heels.

Scarves on elderly ladies with coats to the ankle.

Men in shops selling, begging you to come in and look

Men on sidewalks drinking tea out of little glasses

Young men carrying tea on a tray with a handle

Teenaged girls, some wearing scarves, laughing like teenagers do everywhere

Boys and men greeting with a kiss and walking arm and arm

Little kiosks selling kabob and freshly squeezed orange juice

Grocery stores selling everything but coffee filters

So many people on the sidewalks and so little room

Cars, on the streets, honking at anything that moves

Cars demanding pedestrians give them the right-of-way

Uneven sidewalks

Taxi’s, taxi’s and taxi’s

Noise, noise, noise

Then the prayers begin in the mosques; sounding like dueling voices in competition with one another.

Planes in the sky leaving the airport

Restaurants full of people with waiters dressed up

Men wearing the devout Jewish cap

Cats, cats and more cats


That’s just what I observed this afternoon on a busy Saturday. It’s an exciting city and you need a lot of patience and understanding.







7 Responses to Fatih district on a busy Saturday

  1. Laureen….your travels are about to end……..and we have enjoyed every mile with you. Thanks for taking us along !
    Paula and Bud

    • It’s gone by too fast, Paula

    • Hi Paula,

      Yes, it is about to end. However, the work just begins. I want to publish my journey in a journal and sell copies of my photos, and give talks about the journey.

      I will keep the blog for two more years and include some of my past travel stories. Thank you and Bud for everything.

  2. Loved this post, totally visual!

  3. What an adventure Laureen! I’ve read everyone of your posts – thanks for the journey! I had a great time.

    • You’re welcome Joy. I’m happy you followed along. I’m going to keep the blog going and writing about the book I’m going to publish and the photos I’ll have enlarged. I want to give talks about my travels, as well. I’ll write about those events, too.

      I’m also going to write about many other journeys I’ve had in the past. I have taken on the blog for two more years.

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