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Since June 11, after my long stay in Iceland, I have been a guest of Per and Eldrid Jacobsen and their son, and my good friend (and former flight instructor)  Arngrim on the Faroese Island of Esturoy. I have seen Arngrim’s brother Runi, and Sister Eyo Venned, and several of his nieces and nephews coming in and out of the house, and some of the grandchildren have spent the night.

Tonight I was fortunate to be invited to Arngrim’s sister-in-law, Anna Jacobsen’s beautiful home that over looks the fjord. She is married to Arngrim’s brother, Meinhard. Over a traditional type dessert – more on food later – I heard all about Anna’s very pretty daughter Maria Meinhardsdottir’s, education to become a physician. She was heading back to school tomorrow and a goodbye party was planned for her. Her husband is also studying medicine.

“We have a close family – and we live near each other. All of my cousins and close friends that I have grown up with stay in touch. My cousins are my best friends,” Maria said. And she also had a close friend visiting with her. That was Judith Signhild Finnsson and she explained that she, too is heading back to school where she is working on a family and human services degree in Chicago, the city where her boyfriend also attends college.

This gathering is typical of what I have seen among the Faroese people and the close knit families. A traditional delicious cake and other lovely dishes were served.

In the middle of the day today, when they have their largest meal, Elrid cooked a dish, I’m calling Sunfrid Jacobsen’s Fish Casserole. Sunfrid is Arngrim’s sister-in-law. It’s a fish dish, easy to prepare with a mouth-watering blend of ingredients. Arngrim translated the ingredients and changed the measuring units.

I am presenting it here for you to enjoy:

Sunfrid Jacobsen’s Fish Casserole

Approximately two pounds of fish (Cod was used Eldrid’s kitchen) placed into a casserole dish. Salt and pepper the fish.

Combine the following ingredients:

3 Tbs. oil

1 Cup cream

1/3rd Cup mustard

4 Tbs. ketchup

1 tsp. curry

1 tsp. vinegar

Pour over the fish and bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve over rice or potatoes.

Here is a pretty Faroese girl. Arngrim’s niece


7 Responses to Faroese family and recipe

  1. Will Maria and others of her generation return to the Faroes after they complete their education or do they tend to leave and live abroad? Arngrim’s niece is truly a lovely child. And, you did mean prepared mustard, correct? mgb

  2. Wow, an entree – fish, yet, which I love – with no garlic and no onions, both of which, sadly, upset my stomach. What a great recipe! Thanks!// There’s such serenity in this beautiful child’s face…m-e

  3. Carla Hamelin

    Sounds like a great recipe! I’ll prepare it for this Friday’s dinner, we usually have fish on Friday. Love recipes Laureen, so post as much as you like with me! Also, wondering if you will bring home any seeds (native plants/flowers) from your travels? Thank you to you and Elrid for sharing the recipe! 🙂

  4. Carla: The ingredients were taken as close to the recipe they could get by changing the measurements. Taste test.

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