Falling down

Well I did it again; don’t know what made me do it, but I fell down on a concrete sidewalk on my way back from the Buttery bakery on Soquel.

I was admiring the sidewalk and always stop to check the years it was installed, as Santa Cruz is full of history. Once I checked, and learned that sidewalk was built only in the 90s, I carried on and admired a long stemmed plant that I supposed was somewhat tropical. After that, I was on my knees and palms.

I got up and began walking away when a nice lady on a bicycle asked me if I had fallen, and just then a couple in a car stopped to ask if I was okay. I thanked them for stopping and told them I was fine.  I was and still am. Bruised knees and hands show the evidence, but I’m in great walking condition.

Tomorrow will be my last day and night in Santa Cruz. I will miss Frankie Ray and Tezzi. Tezzi watches me when I’m in the living room and nearly sits on my lap before I even sit down. Frankie Ray sleeps on the bed nearly all night. Last night I heard some running around and hoped it wasn’t one of them chasing a mouse that I’d have to face in the morning. Did I tell you that, not only is Frankie Ray a girl, her name is not Johnny Ray as I first thought. Guess she doesn’t really care one way or another.

Before turning in for the night last night, I sat on the front porch until a big fat skunk walked into the yard. It was then I decided it was time to stay inside.

The watering I have done here on the property was okay, I guess. However I think I didn’t water some trees – the orange tree to be exact – enough, and some plants I may have over watered.

Some plants,  like myself, may have drooped a bit, but nothing is seriously dead, and I am very much alive, as well.

Oh, by the way, someone will purchase one of my painted photographs. I’m thrilled!!!!!

4 Responses to Falling down

  1. Laureen, I’m concerned about your falls. Have you had your eyes checked recently? Or do you have a middle ear infection? Don’t want you to get seriously injured.

    • Sumi,
      That’s interesting. I hadn’t thought about a reason this happened to me twice. The first time, I think it was due to the carpet leaving a space that wasn’t attached firmly to the steps. But this last time, I have no idea why I fell.

      I think I’ll take your advice and once I get settled, I’ll get a check up.

      Thanks for your concern. And, how are you doing with the voice?

  2. Had Radiesse gel injected into my vocal cords last Friday. Voice is back, and within five days it should be normal again. The injections last about three months. Then we will consider injecting some of my fat for a permanent solution. Vocal cords are small, so it won’t take a whole lot of fat.

    • Amazing about your vocal cords, but even more amazing what the doctors are able to do for you. Start storing up some fat.

      Hope this will get you all mended up, real soon.

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