Expo, implode and explore

The Big Festivals are over and I am finally feeling at rest. There still are many small functions coming up when I need to recruit small numbers of people: 4 to 6 or 8, and that’s a drop in the bucket.

On Saturday the #Creative Expo is held at Hartnell College and that required 8 volunteers, and I’m almost there. Missing maybe two, but they might respond today.

I have plans to meet some good friends for lunch, on Saturday, and I do need that break.

There is one other function in Castroville that I may work on for a bit today, but I’m not going to worry about it. The artist has some friends she can get to help.

I have 13 more weeks, and more hours must be completed by the end date so I can receive the complete stipend from AmeriCorps. That is what I will use for the Cambodian adventure in July-August. We are required to fulfill 1700 hours in ten months, and it is divided into three sections, each with hours to fill. There are also many monthly reports due that takes up lots of time. In the beginning I didn’t keep track of the hours it took to file those papers, so I missed some of those hours.

There are training hours that must be completed and for that I can do some studying online, such as leadership training, community work, etc.

Thirteen more weeks!!


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  1. All that paperwork sounds worse than college!

    • It never seems to end, Susan. And if there are any tiny glitches, it’s sent back. It just seems so unnecessary.

      I have a feeling the hierarchy is involved. You know the lower one makes the next one look good, and then the next one, etc….

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