Everyday at Vallecito

IMG_2223This is a photo of Marilyn all dressed up for a Kentucky Derby party of the Vallecito Service League. The party requirements were to dress in silver and hot pink. She decorated a hat and wore her silver top that was at one time part of a choir uniform at one time. I was in charge of Buffy and Ginger while she went off to the party.IMG_2224This is a photo of the view outside of Marilyn’s home. I took it through the window. The lake is way up there  below that hill.

I saw a cute little fawn today on the hill next to Marilyn’s house. If you see one, then you know there are more nearby. The humming birds are disappearing from the feeder. Just a few left, I call the lone rangers. They are heading to South America.

Marilyn is going on a hike today and she looked at the directions on the bear pepper spray. I hope she has it down in her memory bank, as I don’t think a bear would wait for her to read the instructions. She’s a smart woman, so I know she’s prepared. The house sits right next to a national forest.


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