Event went well

Single artists or representatives from groups got a chance to learn about available grants this evening from an agency that specializes in matching artists with grants. Another of the same event is offered tomorrow at the Steinbeck Center.

It was the first time I was alone in organizing the evening and it all went well.

I had three awesome volunteers. One man shopped for the food and brought it all in to the gallery, and two women volunteers served as hostesses. They placed the food attractively out on the table and had folks sign in and then instructed them on where the event would take place.

After the event was over, everyone came back into the gallery for more food and conversation.

It is great fun to talk with musicians, artists and entertainers of all kinds. One man is a composer and told me he hears the composition in his head and cannot wait to get it down on paper.  He is looking for finances to get an orchestra together so he can produce his music.

Another was a sculpture artist who had such an unusual name I couldn’t pronounce it. I tried to find his artwork online, but haven’t been successful.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the office and look up his signature on the sign-in sheet and then get his website up so I can see what he does.

There were so many interesting, creative people to speak with, I was tired, but loved every minute.


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