Eva’s Place and Angel Wings

The sidewalks were slippery with freshly frozen ice yesterday, so I walked slowly to the restaurant/mini market that Marilyn and I call, “Eva’s Place”.

That was yesterday, and I stayed close the hotel.  Marilyn went by train for a tour of the Sachsenhausen – a concentration camp – now turned memorial.

After writing the book, “Too Close to the Sun” a Dutch boy becomes a man during WWII, and receiving the first hand story of how the war destroyed lives, I couldn’t make myself go on that tour.

People keep saying, ‘we need to remember.’ Believe me, I cannot forget.

Marilyn and I dubbed the tiny Eva’s Place from the first time we stepped inside. A beautiful twenty-something woman, named Eva, waited on us.  Her smooth complexion was  as flawless as her English skill.

She is the daughter of the owners, and explained that her mother and father came from Russia twenty years ago.

“My mother is a great cook. She uses everything fresh, and can cook Russian food or anything you’d like.” She went further and told us if we ordered something ahead of time she would have it ready for us.

That never worked out because of the schedule we had, however, we did go back a few times and had her make breakfast for us.

We have not seen Eva since the first day, but it remains, “Eva’s Place”.

Yesterday, I went back alone, and found Eva’s fifteen year old sister there. She was the interpreter for her parents. I ordered an omelette, and talked a bit to the teenager.

On the way back I kept telling myself, “I will not fall”.  I walked wherever I saw snow, and others had found the same place; as footsteps marked the way, until…

There was only ice on the parking lot and it had a slight slope. How am I going to get down there to the sidewalk covered with snow without falling? I looked around and saw nothing to hold on to, and there was no other way but to head down the icy slope, so I began, one tiny step at a time. All of a sudden I found a huge, gloved hand reach toward me. I grabbed the hand, and looked up to see a man. He just came from nowhere and helped me down to the snow where I continued on back to the hotel.

I thanked him. He didn’t say anything. He just kept walking. Were those angel wings I saw on him or just my imagination?


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  1. Laureen….that was an angel……they come in all shapes and sizes and I am sure they stay close to you.
    Watch your step !

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