Editing and playing

Wow! I’m waiting for a call from a Spaniard. We are playing ‘lost baggage’. I am the flaky customer service agent and she will be the frustrated traveler. The call will attempt to get her to use English in a moment of distress.

That was fun! She was great in her role; she stuck with her intentions and made herself understood. Afterwords we met in the lobby and we had a good laugh over our ‘improv’.

The next project was a skit we would put together in a group to present to the wider group on Thursday. We were chosen to be the ‘improv’ performers because we won a contest and the winning group was promised a ‘prize’. The prize was that we have to work out a skit. ┬áTo win this so-called prize, we had to take one photo of a list of activities and be the most creative. To the task: get a picture of something on top of something; that had me sitting on top of a bar!

This all reminds me of my own theater experience, of which there have been many, and some of you know about that: both as a performer and an acting teacher.

It also causes me to remember the TV show I had years ago. I seem to be saying ‘years ago’ a lot, as I bring up former experiences. My experiences go on deaf ears, as I’m just an old lady reliving the past, I assume it is thought by most participants. But anyway, it is fun playing these kinds of games again in a young atmosphere like those I had participated in ‘years ago’.

I do get some moments of free time, and I often go back over some of the past blogs and see where some editing needs to be done, and so I try and get bits of that done during those few hours every day.



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  1. Laureen…..I smiled as I read your message this a.m. .it sounds like you are having FUN !!! I was remembering your role in the play at Western Stage….
    Small part , but you were GREAT !!

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