Easy day today

It was a quiet day. We need that sometimes to re-group and get ready for what’s next. I braced myself against the wind and headed off to the post office. My grandson Brandon will graduate in June from St. Ignatius high school in San Francisco, and I had to get my letter in the mail and the gift so he would get it on time. But I was too early by about fifteen minutes for the post office, so I went into the Grill and had a yogurt drink. Yogurt is popular in Iceland and it is good. I spoke for awhile with Hulda, the young lady who will soon head off to college herself.

Then I got to the post office but I was still early, so I waited inside the space between the automatic door and the main door, and entertained myself by stepping on the spot that would open and closed the automatic door.

Childish, huh? I know, but what was I to do?

So then I took photos of the harbor,  police department, Hulda at the grill, the post office and another aluminum sided house. I also got one of the grocery store but that one will have to wait.

I was shivering and the camera shook too much for a decent photo. But I did got into the grocery store and purchased a darning needle and black thread to hem my pants that are way too long. I couldn’t find a regular needle so went with the darning kind, and by the way, if you’re eyesight isn’t too good, those needles are easier to thread.

Later in the day, I took another walk the opposite way and heard the sounds of the Loa birds calling to each other.

They almost sound like a cell phone.



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  1. Laureen, I see many buildings are made with sheets of corrugated aluminum. I’m wondering if there are not many trees for building with wood? And how these aluminum buildings are insulated, due to the cold there? However, I notice the post office and police department seem to be made of some other building material–what is it? Is it manufactured in Iceland or are all their building materials imported? Just curious!

    • Hi Anna Mae,
      Aluminum has been used here as siding for buildings, for a long time to protect them from the harsh winters. I understand, from two different people, that now the material (the name is on an earlier post – forgot now) is mined in Brazil and processed in Germany and purchased in Iceland.

      There are wood houses as well, but not as many without the siding.
      Thanks for your question.

  2. Seeing those sail boats brings back some wonderful memories.
    Reminds me of Dad when he used to sail single handed in a SantaAna wind storm out in the ocean.

    • Actually, they are fishing boats, with men coming back from the ocean to the harbor on the fjord. The winds today are strong and are blowing the waves toward the shoreline right where I am looking out at the window. Beautiful.

    • Actually, Bill, I haven’t seen any sail boats. It’s a fishing harbor. Someone told me it was too windy for sailboats. I believe it. Keep reading the blog.

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