Easy day today

Today was a laid-back day for me, while others had things to do and get ready for.

My friend Sonja’s son, Mike and his son, Paul, got ready for their annual hunt. It’s the season for bagging deer and elk. I’m not certain about the other animals in the mountains, but they’re eager to come back with something.

These two men are experienced hunters and both tell me they aim for the head of the animal, so death is sudden: no suffering.

Mike showed me a gorgeous hide of an elk that he got several years ago.

Like I said in my last post, life here is different from my day-to-day life in California. But, I like the slow moving, with three squares a day, and everyone sitting down at one time to eat and talk.

Sonja and I have been remembering the life we had from our ages of ten through high school. She pointed out a dish on her wall that I gave to her after my mother died. My mother was the Camp Fire Girl leader and Sonja was an active club member. I wanted her to own something that had belonged to my mother.

Now I’m reading a small booklet written by her father, Lou Soreide. He was a great father, and I considered a friend. The family has an Norwegian background, and the stories are fascinating.

It was good to take a break today, read and listen.


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