Dublin scenes

I met a teacher with a group of students from Germany. Thomas Petri is a renaissance man, who teaches English literature, German and Religious studies. He also makes musical instruments out of cigar boxes, and weaves string bracelets for fun. He is also a lay-pastor for the Baptist church, and he wears a kilt.

Another gentleman, Manuel from a town near Bologna, Italy, is in Ireland to learn English. We sat together during lunch time. I heated up something I got from a store and Manuel spent some time and created a gourmet-looking soup. Guess who doesn’t like to cook?

I’m learning how to walk in this city and watch for traffic that seems to aim take aim at me. There are big letters on every sidewalk warning pedestrians to either “look left” or “look right”. Those warnings are necessary in a busy town with tourists who are used to drivers on the right side of the road. I’m so cautious that it takes me a long time to convince myself I can now walk across the street.

One time while looking for a shopping area where I could replace the second pair of pants that have grown too big, a kind woman walked all the way with me to the shopping district that was jam-packed with folks looking for bargains. The shops are extremely noisy with blaring music and people’s loud voices trying to be heard.

Yesterday, after listening to the jigging sounds of Irish music I walked around a bit and found Christ’s Church Cathedral, Dublina, a piece of the original medieval wall, and much more. I’ve posted a photo of a lovely garden I found, and while walking on the path a gentleman asked me where I was from…I don’t think I look too much different from any Irish woman, but I’ve been mistaken now three times for being Swedish, and he did, as well.

But, once they hear me speak, they know I’m from the states because of my “accent”.

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  1. Laureen, cool picture of the man on stilts in the polka dot suit!

  2. Oh, that’s funny, fast food restaurants in a hospital. Also the man lying on the chairs; quirky people, I love ’em.

    • I thought of you the other day when I went to a play at an old theatre. It was the drama class graduation performance. It was fun, but to tell you the truth, I left not knowing what the story was all about. The acting was great fun, however. I could see you coming to Ireland as a guest teacher/director.

  3. I’m loving every one of your posts. When I shared with my husband he remembered you from Gonzales. You wrote an article about him and the revival of drama at Gonzales High School-Valerio Biondo. I met you as well. What a small world this really is!
    Amazing hospital, goes to the root of the word, eh? mgb

    • I do remember Valerio Biondo and wondered where he went. I missed writing stories about the drama department. But now I’m not at the paper either. Thanks for reading the blogs and keep reading. Nine more months to go.

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