Driving past memories

I drove the  Buick toward Pacifica to pick up my medicine at Walgreens. Driving on Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay takes me through my memories.

French Creek is the upscale area where Will, Brad, Debby, Michael, Brandon and I first rented a five bedroom house, with plans to stay there until we could purchase a condo together, with separate quarters. I had sold the Soledad house, packed our ‘stuff’, all alone when Will went into the hospital.

Later, I picked him up from the hospital and drove to Half Moon Bay where we would live. He never recovered. We were in the house for two weeks when he died. Not too long after that, I had to get a job, and then Juliane, from Germany came to visit, at the same time Debby’s mother was there from Indonesia.

Then, two other folks came from Germany, and our house was an International one, with some speaking Dutch, some Indonesian, some German, and some English.

Across from Frenchman’s Creek is a horse rental business. I look at them and wonder why I don’t just go in and get on a horse. Just a few days ago, Ronnie told me about his date-on-a-horse gone bad a few years ago. He arranged to rent two horses with a lady friend. The horses wouldn’t move. Other people were trotting away. “It was a disaster.” Ronnie said.

Further on, I came to the Half Moon Bay Airport, with many small planes sitting on the tarmac. It reminds me of the good times renting a plane in Colorado. Stories about that time in my life could fill another book.

Then I pass little towns of Princeton, Moss Beach, Montara, Granada, and then Pacifica. Montara Lighthouse is a hostel. ¬† A few times, when visiting Brad and Debby when they lived in Montara, I would spend the night therel. It’s an awesome place, with the sound of the ocean coming into the window as I slept.

On the drive to Pacifica, guess I was mesmerized by the ocean views, for I missed the turnoff to the shopping center where I’d find Walgreens. Winding around, trying not to get into Daly City, it took awhile to find the return entrance to the freeway.

I found Walgreens, got my medicine and then looked for a spot for lunch. I ended up at Rockaway Beach in a restaurant with an ocean view. Will and I spent a week vacation nearby the restaurant and while there, we met up with my cousin Barbie and her son, Max and Barbie’s stepmom Jan. That was a fun week.

So here I am, sitting on the couch watching daytime TV with my leg resting on top of a pillow. Daytime TV is another story.


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  1. Paula and Bud

    Hi Laureen……is injury improving ? Have you considered x ray ?
    Re: daytime T V…….TRASH !!!
    Finished picking our berries today….we have found a man (we want to adopt him !) who is working for us , David and Mary and Sarah…..full time in our yards. He is a family man…..a really good person who needed us almost as much as we needed him ! God is good !
    Take care of Laureen…..she is special to so many !!!!!

    • Aw, thank you Paula and Bud. No I haven’t tried X-ray. I walked a lot on it today and at first it was okay, and after awhile it became swollen again.

      You berry farm sounds great. I have saved many jars for you for jelly/jam.

      Say hi to your gardeners. Glad you have them.


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