Drained from trying to talk someone out of suicide

It’s been almost three hours that I talked through Facebook to a 34 year old man from Morocco who said that he would commit suicide on Facebook. I got wind of this from a posting of someone else on my page.

So I friended the young man and began talking with him. It’s sad how depressed he is and he doesn’t seem to know a way out of his situation. While I spoke with him he was also talking with a doctor. I was hoping it was a psychiatrist.

He called me an angel.

He needs help.

He finally got tired and said he wanted to sleep. It was about 3 a.m. in Morocco when he signed off.

I thought he had calmed down a lot, and I was feeling pretty good, then I got the last message that he planned on carrying out his suicide tomorrow.

Please, if you believe, pray for this young man. He seems so intelligent and a good person. He’s overwhelmed with work, taking care of his sick father,and he himself,has a health issue.

I, too, am tired now.

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  1. Laureen…….praying for the young man in Morocco……how sad !

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