Double dare

The plan was to be in the center quad of the medina (old town) in Marrakech. So I thought I was waiting at the right corner for bus number one. I asked a man at the news stand if it was the right place for the bus, and he replied, yes. I asked this question in minimal French. But it never came, so I asked him again and he said no. Then I asked the man who runs the news stand, who had seen me waiting there, the question and he said no, that the stop was three blocks that way.

Finally caught the bus and saw a young girl and I asked her if it was correct bus to get me to the medina quad. She spoke a bit of English and confirmed it was correct and better than that, she was headed to the same place and we could get off the bus together.

So that worked. We walked past about twenty or more horse drawn buggies that are stationed near the quad. The carriages are upholstered in bright colors and some have flowers on the carriage. You can see the horses and carriages throughout the city.

At the quad, the snake men were there, and I began to take a video of the action, but was stopped.

“If you take photos then you must pay.” He stood in front of me, with his face about two inches away from me.

“I wasn’t taking a photo, I was taking a video.”

“If you use your camera, pay me. Pay me.”

I gave him some coins and he looked insulted, said it wasn’t enough so I put some more coins in his hands. He suddenly became my new best friend.

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from the United States.”



“California – Orange County – Disney in Florida.”

“Disney is in Florida and also in Southern California.”


“Yes, Hollywood is also in Southern California.”

So that about ended the conversation, and a hand shake secured our new friendship…until…

A snake handler came over to me while the gang of musicians played and invited me to put the snake on my shoulders. Well, he didn’t invite me…he just put it there.

I think it fooled them a bit when I didn’t protest. Snakes don’t scare me if I know they are not the kind that kill you.

So after that little bit of fun, I was asked to put some more money into the pot. This time they wanted paper money. Well, it was fun, so I gave them about $5.00, which would give each of them one dollar.

As I left, they played another song for me, and I headed back to the bus stop with my mission complete.

6 Responses to Double dare

  1. you look great but this is going a bit too far with snake handling…hands off girl.. you silly girl… take care…anne. i love your pictures with you and the people and even the critters…

  2. I know that look and I’d say you aren’t really comfortable handling that critter:)

  3. Snake charmers, Whoa. That mustv;e been something to witness!

    • Hi Ronnie,
      I took a video of the snake handlers music. I can’t post it here, but it’s on Facebook. Anyway, you’ll hear it eventually. Hope everything is good for you!!!! MOM

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