Doing what I love

It was nice that on my son, Larry’s birthday, today, I got to do a few things that I love to do.

The day began when I called him and wished him a happy birthday. I love that big guy!

Then I got the shock of my life when I spoke to my jazz-drumming son, who told me he sold his drum set. This is the guy who is 47 years old and has been drumming since he was 9! He’s taking up the trumpet now. Knowing him, in spite of his illness, he will persevere until he learns it well enough to play in front of people.

Then I spoke to a staff member of the Monterey Jazz Festival, because I will be getting volunteers lined up for the Next Generation Jazz Festival. The Next Generation are kids from over the U.S. who have been chosen to play in this jazz honor band. It is an honor to be asked to play in this. My son did play in it many years ago.

I contacted a staff member of the Jazz Festival, who I know from when I was a reporter covering the festival for many years for the newspapers. He was actually on his first day of work when we met. This was back in 2005. He always remembers that day, as I do, as well. But now my role has changed. Recruiting is the game now.

Then tonight I went to a gallery show at the Peace Center in Seaside that  features four artists; three of them I knew; one from when I covered her  art class at a school for the newspaper. This article of several years ago has been used for the Arts Council’s marketing efforts.

The other artist was an 80 hour volunteer for the Champion of the Arts event. She worked with children and created little booklets of children’s artwork to give out to the attendees at the Champion of the Arts event. One other artist I met  at another time when she exhibited her photography at a different gallery.

One more artist, a very nice man who does paintings of jazz artists,  explained that what he exhibited were actually prints from his artwork that got ruined in a garage storage from dampness. Oh, how these artists do struggle to create art and to find a way to sell them and make some money. But when they all get ruined it must be devastating. He confirmed that he almost cried when he saw his ruined originals.

Well tomorrow is valentines day and I hope everyone finds love. It doesn’t have to be chocolate and flowers for me, however that would sure be nice, but a smile from anyone will make my day.


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  1. Laureen… Sending you a SMILE….hope it makes your day !
    Will YOU be OUR valentine ?
    Paula and Bud

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