Doing a bit better

Today was the first day after the medicine treatment, and after a wakeful night, I think I’m getting better, although it is slow.

Being hungry is a good sign, but food doesn’t look that good. From my hotel room, in a tiny alleyway, I have to walk down a wider alley and past a Moroccan restaurant to get to a main courtyard and to the clinic where I got treated. Yuck!

I went to the clinic again today because I had promised Dr. Slater that I’d get a health review in six months. Well, glad I didn’t do that in Morocco! I got some lab work done today, and one hour the report was ready….everything in that area is good.

The clinic is a hospital, as well, and they were all very kind to me. Then I went back to my hotel room, where the lady in charge of rooms said I could wash my clothes in the washing machines that are close by, so I went to look for some soap.

Couldn’t find anything, but most stores were closed anyway, due to an impending rally against the current government. I saw groups of four and five cops walking around together.

So I did find a place where I could buy some water and went back to the hotel and slept for three hours. A few hours later there was noise outside and I went to see what was going on and it was just a few people waving flags and signs, singing, chanting and blowing whistles. Then it was over.

By now I was hungry and looked for something open, but just the drinking part of restaurants were open, with kitchen closed. However in one place, the manager spoke a little English, and with my Spanish, I told him I just wanted something light. He brought me a small casserole of mushrooms in sherry with olive oil – I’m in olive oil country again. Ate some of it. Then he brought me a liquor for free that is from the north of Spain, and would help my stomach.

People, as I’ve said before on this blog, are basically kind hearted.

I hope to feel good enough tomorrow to check out my surroundings. I’m just a few foot steps away from the Picasso Museum and some impressive cathedrals.

The streets are narrow and very clean.

I hear chimes from the cathedral.




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  1. Laureen… We are so glad you are on the mend. Sounds like you are doing all the right things.
    Paula and Bud

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