Detour: there’s a muddy road ahead, detour.

My daughter-in-law’s  father,  Bob Bambauer died. He was the ultimate family man and a good father to my son, Larry. I learned of his death when I pulled up my Facebook page and saw my grandson, Bobby Crocker’s photo of he and his granddad. Bobby is in baseball spring training in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Not too long ago, I saw a photo of Sue and her Daddy riding horses on the shoreline. That will be a great memory of him.

I’m not there to hug Larry,  my daughter-in-law, Sue, or grandchildren, Treva and Bobby. I have comfort in knowing they are surrounded by their family and good friends. RIP Bob.


I’m still here in Istanbul: It’s Friday, and I have two more nights in the Konak Otel. I’ll miss the hotel and the people who work to make it successful. I’ll soon be on the European side of Istanbul where history goes back ions of centuries.

I’ve seen some of it, but there’s much more to experience.


Meanwhile, outside of my window, leaves are sprouting on the tree. A bird with mauve wings and a lavender head sits on a branch. His head cocks sideways; this way and that way.  The street is being cleared of all the stones and now the workers are laying down tar that will soon be covered with something newer and better.


And now it is raining. I went down the road to my favorite restaurant in the mud. It’s not just mud;  it’s rolling and making little streams, which makes it difficult to know how to get down the hill without slipping. But I’ve done it, and will continue onward.


The people in the hotel are doing their best to help me and others get out of the hotel and into the street as best we can.


Photos later; the internet isn’t working fast.

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