Cross over with the green men

It’s funny how little things will capture my attention. And here’s an example of that: the green and red stop lights for pedestrians seem to tickle my fancy.


"Green Man!"

I call out, “Green Man” when the green light (a stick-figure man) gives us permission to cross the street. The red man doesn’t get my attention, for all he does is make us stand and wait.


I remember the last time I was here in Berlin and that green man stick figured caught my attention. Now I have discovered that I’m not the only one who likes the little green men. Marilyn and I found a complete store dedicated to the ‘green man’.  Not so much attention is given to the red man.

In the store there are bags, cups, purses, t-shirts, sweat shirts, shorts, and more more with the cute green man logo.


Green Man logo outside of the Green Man store

It was also a surprise to be sitting in the lobby and look at the Christmas decorations inside the moving door. There I found that the red and green stop light was used as decor, along with Santa Claus. So there!  I’m not the only person infatuated with the green man.


I won’t be coming back to the states with any souvenirs of green man, however I did take a photo of a stop light, and the green man logo at the front of the store.

While on the subject of observations, I have noticed that smokers are not aloud to smoke inside restaurants, but most have designated places out doors. Because it’s cold outside for those who want a smoke, many restaurants provide chairs with blankets. It’s not uncommon to see a cigar smoking man all bundled up with his cigar outside.

Blanket covered chairs for smoker's comfort in the cold air in front of a restaurant

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  1. Laureen, the photo of the Green Man in the store, was odd to me, because in the background you can see what looks like a girl in ponytails, in red, representing the don’t walk. I find it odd that male represents GO and female represents STOP. Seems a more logical scenario would have been a green man profile for walk and a red frontal man for stop. Does that strike you as odd or am I being too picky?

    Anna Mae

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