Creativity abounds

Wow! I’m now house sitting for an old friend. We go back to the late 60s. She lives in a 120 year old Victorian house in the Santa Cruz mountains. It is beautifully maintained. And while you can see the era of the house, the decor combines the old with the new, the bizarre ¬†and unique.

The garden is, well, hard to explain. I’ll post some photos later. I can put it this way: The grounds looks like an open air museum. She has a way of taking some insignificant piece of just about anything and placing it in just the right place in the garden.

There is a bottle tree, a shoe tree, tiled pots and pieces of tile and pottery on some of those pieces just described. There are walkways, among the flowers and the ‘found’ objects and places that invite you to sit a spell. Everywhere you look, your eyes fall on something you didn’t see before.

Last night I, in the company of some other ladies, heard the Big Little Band play in the popular Bocci Cellar. Ron was the drummer, and when he got back to his house he just crashed. I can see the hard work of the drummer. It’s very physical. I was pleased to hear the other musicians tell me how appreciative they are of his musicality.

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