Counting blessings

Most of the paper work has been printed out, with just two more things to go and I think I can get that done tomorrow. I’m lost without a printer.

The gentleman who’s house, cats and garden I’m caring for will be here much sooner than expected. This will help me a lot.

Tomorrow I drive up to Half Moon Bay to keep a promise that I’d give a presentation to the Rotary Club. Can’t disappoint.

Then, the next day, hopefully, I ‘ll be able to sign the condo papers.

If not, then probably on the 3rd, I’ll be able to sign paper work. Then on the 4th it’s a orientation meeting with the Americorps folks and then there will be 5 days for me to get settled and ready for work on the 9th.

Meanwhile, there’s moving….

It’s been a trying month, I can’t even get it all down on black and white here, but as I told someone; my problems are minimal and there are billions of people in the world who’d gladly take my problems over theirs.

So, I pause and remember to thank God for my blessings.




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