Corrected some glitches

Books published by independent publishers or those self-published, have the advantage of being alive, as opposed to books produced by big house publishers; once the words are in print, the book is a permanent document, unchangeable.

With independent publishing, the writing can be changed and improved.

Books written through independent publishers or those self-published are printed on demand when they are ordered through or other like companies.

The last two days, I have re-read my book, “Too Close to the Sun” – a Dutch boy becomes a man during WWII for the first time since it was published last year. I made necessary changes to clarify the narrative and correct some glitches that have been pointed out to me.

It is such a privilege to work with the publisher on this and soon, you’ll be able to purchase the upgraded book through Amazon in a week or so.

Writing the book was a promise to my husband who wanted teenagers to understand what it was like growing up to manhood during a war and facing extreme hunger. When most teenagers are hanging out with friends, playing sports, and in our modern world, perusing technology, Wim and his three teenaged friends were involved in clandestine and dangerous activities to thwart Hitler’s advancement through Europe. They also faced hunger and had to search for food.



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