Cops down in Soledad

I feel so sad. Three cops were stabbed in Soledad, and a grandmother and grandfather, when a teenaged boy attacked them.

I know one of the cops and his wife fairly well. The other two, I haven’t heard their names yet.

One Sgt. I knew sent me a message on Facebook so I knew it wasn’t him, before I learned who the cop was that is seriously injured. I just cannot imagine what unhappiness would lead a young boy to stab his grandparents.

The cops were called and screaming was heard in the house, but the door was locked so the cops broke it down and when inside they found the grandparents bleeding and then the Sgt. was stabbed.

I never realized how much I liked the guys and gals who are the police from both towns I reported for, but I am really sad and pray for their quick recovery.

Meanwhile, I heard from my grandson who is graduating from college and got an award for his work as captain of the basketball team and other good works, as well.

He was the first student to receive the award that was named after a college coach who died during this school year.

I’m proud of him and all the grandkids, as well.



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