Cooking awful, but liking the mountains.

I don’t have an exact date for when my cooking skills went out the window, but I am not up to par.

Marilyn returned last evening, with her friend and neighbor, who picked her up at the airport. I promised to cook dinner and I worried about that all day long, so I tried extra hard to make it good.

I burned the rice.

I think my cooking skills have been altered so much that I’m confused. First, I learned to cook from my mother and when my kids were growing up, I did okay, but it was always simple, American food.

Then I became a partial vegetarian who had to cook for myself and then a husband came along who needed meat and three meals a day. I sort of gave up on becoming a vegetarian, and my husband made my life so cozy, that I got fat from the evening cake, and the mid-morning snacks and the afternoon snacks, oh, and the snack time before bed. It’s all so very Dutch.

AFter he passed away, I went back to no red meat in my diet, and then I was back to not knowing how to cook for one person who doesn’t eat meat.

Enough about my cooking.  I’m having a good time in the mountains in Marilyn’s lovely home. We visited her friend this afternoon, and I marveled at her wonderful, creative landscaping. There is a pond that comes from creek water, lots of stone structures, gorgeous flowers – including a bright red begonia in a basket.

The grass is thick and just begs me to lie down and watch the clouds.

Marilyn will soon have her hand operation, and then I’ll have much more to do. I hope to be able to help her out to partially pay for my wonderful time here in the mountain mansion.




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