Competing for one room

The housing situation is grim in these parts. I know because I’ve been competing for the least expensive places in the area. The money for these places would buy a more attractive place in another area, say, more inland.

I went to the house this afternoon, to where I had an appointment for an interview and to look at what is being offered for rent. The landlady, a woman who is the daughter of the owner,  turns out to be a lively 83 year old, and somewhat of a garden-artist.

The yard is full of plants, and some thriving from recycled washing machine water. She also has a compost pile to enrich the soil of the beautiful garden.

The living area is crowded with photos and books, couches and chairs – all with blankets tossed over them and cushions tossed helper skelter. But it is a cozy atmosphere and very homelike.

The bedroom for rent is quiet and faces a patio. There is a separate entrance to get into the room. The closet has wall-to-wall shelves. I won’t be able to bring all of my storage there, but much of it anyway.

So, I thought I was chosen, but after the interview and the look-see, she said there were 12 other people for her to interview.

I went back to Larry and Sue’s home where I’m staying, and put together ten things that I liked about the place and sent that off to her.

The landlady’s daughter replied back saying she thinks I will be chosen, but I know it is the decision of her mother.

It’s a home owner’s market, the renter has the burden to prove to be an honorable choice.

I’ll know on Saturday, if I will be the choice.


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