Chessie, Buffy relay team – and more

The personalities of Chessie, the soft angel of a cat, and the dog, Buffy, who is fluffy,   changes when Chessie catches a bird. Chessie came running into the door with feathers in her mouth, handed it off to Buffy, who ran outside with it. So much for that poor bird.

The house is sparkling clean, thanks to Margie. She’s in the cleaning business in Vallecito and does a remarkable job. I didn’t think the house was so bad off, until I saw it finished. I have to confess here that I never did learn how to organize a clean house. I try and that’s about it. My mother was a creative project doer, and those projects were all over the house. Clean up time meant we would have company.

I went into town yesterday, over the gravely road, to Durango, and I must say it gets easier and my confidence grows each time. I stopped along the road to take a video of an aspen tree that shimmers when it shakes. Aspens are most beautiful.

I have not figured out how to post video’s here. It is on my Facebook page.

It rained most of the night and it smells so fresh of damp, pine needle earth and the trees. Wonderful!


IMG_2204 My friend, Marilyn handed this bag to me. I’m the one on the right, and she’s on the left…just kidding. Women pilots from the 40s.



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