checkin’ out the ‘hood

Son, Larry and his wife, Sue brought me a nice couch that makes the room begin to look warm and inviting.

After they left, I checked out the ‘hood. I drove down Carpenteria to Carr and took that road east until it turned into De Anza, and stayed on it to the end. I passed black satisfied looking cows, chickens, ducks, goats, and green rolling hills.

I also went by nice farms, successful looking ranches with horses, and some old barns in various stages of aging and dying.

Then, all of a sudden an impressive entrance with a sign that said it was McAlpine Lake. It also mentioned that it was to be used only by guests. Well, let me tell you, I wouldn’t see anything in my life if I heeded those kinds of signs, so I drove into the park loaded with campers and trailers.

A lady and an evil eyed,  pit bull were on their way to a walk, and I stopped to ask her about the lake.

“It’s only for visitors, and a person has to pay even to walk around or to fish in the lake even if for only for a day.”

“I just moved to Aromas and I’m checking out the area. I’d just like to drive down to look at the lake, and I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, that sounds good. Go ahead.” She smiled and the dog looked nice at me.

There is a country store and a place to register for a day or for a longer time. I drove down to the lake, but couldn’t see too much, however, I did see some boats, some of which looked pretty big for a small lake.

On the way back, driving into the sunset, there were many inviting country roads, but guess that will be on another drive.

Before I turned on my road, I saw  a man with a horse, and the horse had lots of curly hair on its legs. That was something new to me, so I stopped and asked him about that, and learned that it’s normal for the horse to grow more hair during the winter.

The gentleman lives on my road.

So now I know three neighbors: the man with the horse, my daughter-in-law and son, who live across the road and up on a hill. They also have horses.


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