Changing scenes

The window scene from Hotel Jorvik changed in one day. The day left with sunshine on Saturday, and yesterday (Sunday), the view changed when the fog rolled in early, accompanied by strong winds, and then snow, and finally a complete white out.

An abstract piece of art in the form of ice crystals completely covered the large window.

Before the winds became too strong to go outside, I tramped on the grass to catch the waves in a photo, but I had to fight the wind to get back into safety of the hotel. The waves grew bigger and bigger, and I thought of my son Larry. Oh, how he’d love to pull on a wet suit and catch a wave. Heck, I would have liked to don a wet suit and just play in the waves.

Ducks disappeared for awhile, I assumed they hid out among the rocks, but they reappeared again. Guess when they get hungry, nothing will stop a good fishermen, be it human, or a duck.

Night time was tough on the cat I call Smokey. She wanted to go out of my window, which is her only outlet at night, but the wind yanked the curtains out the window like a sailing jib. The noise of the wind, the blinding snow and the cold air, made her afraid to jump. So she whined, questioning what to do?

When the window was open, the bedroom door clanged back and forth to keep the hard working men in the hotel from their sleep.

So when she asked again to go outside, I pushed her out, and in a split second, she jumped back in. So the next two times, I pushed her out and shut the window. She whined to come back in within a few minutes. That satisfied her for a little while, at least.

Then another challenge came this morning when I washed a few things out, and like a fake Icelander, I tramped through about one foot of snow to the clothesline. It’s just a few yards away, but the wind hampered the walk. I managed to hang up one T-shirt with about fifteen pins, and the last time I looked, it was swinging around and around the line like a trapeze artist.

It’s a great day for the hot pot, which opens up at 4 o’clock. You can bet your bottom krona, I’ll be there.

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  1. Appreciating your pictures, but glad to be in 70 degree weather here in CA! Burrrrr!

  2. Ha, ha.

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