Changed hotels

I’m in a different hotel, but still in Bingen, and closer to town. I got tired of trying to post photos and working with the slow internet at the other place and decided to make a move. So yesterday, late afternoon, I began the 20 minute walk back to town for the second time. I came upon a man helping an elderly woman into the car, and I stopped him to ask iif he knew of a hotel that was nice but not too expensive, and right away he said “yes, I do. It’s the Hotel Romerhof.” He sketched a little map for me and told me how to walk to it.

I met Michael inside the reception room, and he had a room for me,and told me the internet would work good and it was free. Michael speaks good English and German, as well. His father is an American. Michael was raised in Texas and attended high school there. His home now is Germany. A delightful young man.

So, I went back and the next morning I checked out of the hostel,  which no one seemed to care. I got a taxi to take me to the hotel. The taxi driver has spent time in the U.S. and seemed happy to speak some English to me.

I don’t have the same views as I did from the other place, but I can see out of one window, the vineyards, and in the other, a huge, very old stone church.

I took a walk down to the museum, but found it closed again. I thought today was Saturday, so I’ll try again tomorrow.

On the walk back to the hotel, I discovered some interesting neighborhoods: old stone houses, narrow cobble stone walkways, flower plants outside the windows and on one narrow street, on upstairs windows, I saw clowns looking down at me. I’ll take my camera next time and see if I can get a photo.

It still cold and grey; with threats of more snow, but it just adds to the atmosphere.

Before heading back to the hotel, I ate lunch at a restaurant that sits right on an old town plaza, and it was fun spending  almost an hour people watching.

Additional news: I had asked if I could buy a cup of coffee a few hours ago and Michael told me that a large crowd of people would be coming in at 3 p.m. and I could then go and get coffee for myself. I’m a bit shy (ha, ha!) and thought that it wouldn’t be right to crash a party just for coffee, so I just forgot it.
Then just awhile ago, a woman knocked on my door and brought in a pot of coffee, cream and two sweet items. Now…THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!

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  1. hi there, glad to hear they are treating you like american royalty..your friendless brings endless rewards… happy travels. anne.

  2. Laureen……on your walk you mentioned seeing CLOWNS LOOKING DOWN AT ME ….from the old stone houses….What is the rest of that story ?

  3. Got caught up on the blog today.
    Nice to see uncle Walter is doing o.k. at 92.

  4. Laureen…glad to know you are staying put for a time…..We feel for you as you drag heavy suitcases and stuff as you head for the next stop.
    Thanks for therestofthestory on the clowns in the window…and the pictures.
    So glad we can go along with you through your special ability with words.
    Paula and Bud

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