Celle and Hannover family

Today we woke up to snow on the ground and snow falling for a very long time. And Juliane, Lenny, Jonathan and I were invited to the city of Celle where Maria and Otfried had breakfast waiting for us.

Lenny drove expertly in the snow both to get out of Hannover and then the autobahn and then in the city of Celle, where the snow was heavy on the street to Otfried and Maria’s home.

The table was loaded down with good food and they kept bringing more food in from the kitchen.

Otfried loads the table with all kinds of food.

David and his wife Jana and their baby Elias joined us for breakfast. By the time we all got ready to eat it was around noon. We had yoghurt, the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever tasted, all kinds of bread and rolls, jellies, jams, and then there were planks full of salmon, ham and other types of meat, cheese of various types, and on and on…

The camaraderie was fun to see in the warm family atmosphere.

Ha ha, David, you missed!

Then they got a call from Otfried and Maria’s son, Daniel and his wife, Min Jie and son Luka, in Shanghai by Skype. Everyone had a chance to be seen and get a bit of a hello from Daniel and his wife and little boy.

Most of us then got into two cars and went to the city of Celle’s Christmas market. I noticed this family’s favorite place to stop was the wooden toy kiosk. They had fun trying out all the puzzles and games.

It began to rain, so it fell on top of us and on top of the snow on the ground. We headed back home but first stopped off where Maria purchased many types of cakes. Those were devoured later when everyone was home and dried out from the rain.

Winter in Celle, Germany

Yesterday, I was treated to a tour of Hannover by Lenny, who took me to see the city Rathaus (city hall), a park, the building Nord LB, (the mother company who Lenny works for), and a lake.

The lake has some history which involved the early days of Hitler’s  powerful influence before WWII. The lake, called Maschsee was man-made by  people who were out of work and given a job. During the summer, people find it a beautiful walk around the lake where you can see ducks, swans and geese, and many coffee shops along the way. You can swim and paddle a boat, as well.

Winter in Celle, Germany

Lenny and I had cake and coffee inside a coffee shop close to the frozen lake. I got some great photos of the early sunset over the lake.

Later yesterday, Juliane and her girlfriend met Maria, who came by train to the opera house in downtown Hannover, where we saw a ballet. It was an avant guard and very modern ballet. More than the talented dancers creating a story in ballet, they were also adept at acrobatics and swinging on ropes with hoops.

I’m very much enjoying my time in Germany with this wholesome, lovely family that I inherited through marriage.

The lake where Lenny and I had coffee and cake

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  1. Laureen….your pictures are beautiful !!! Sure looks cold……but you must be snug and warm in your Woolworth coat !!
    Paula and Bud

  2. Laureen, the first photo of Winter in Celle is fabulous. Wish I had taken it. The composition is so compelling to me; I just want to walk down that lane between the trees. I could keep on looking at it for a long time. Nice job.

    Anna Mae

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