cats and dogs

In July and part of August, I’ll be cat and dog sitting in a home just a walk away from the ocean in Half Moon Bay.  The owner of the house, Janet, is now a new friend. She introduced me to her three little dogs, who found me a curious specimen sitting on their couch. And then there were two big, fat cats. One, a black and white cat watched me for awhile, while the other one did her best to ignore me…

They’re all fun to be around and I’m looking forward to being there. Meanwhile, life goes on here inside my son and daughter=in-laws apartment. I haven’t found a place of my own yet, but put my name in for senior housing. There are two complexes here. One is begin built right now. That’s the one I hope I can get into.

I have some presentations coming up soon; one for the Gonzales American Legion, and one for the Monterey American Legion. The first place, I’ll talk a bit about the book, and then sign those that folks purchase. In Monterey, I’ll just be at a table signing.

Then I have a date for a ‘home presentation’ in Soledad for the journey power point. Dates not determined yet will be at Gonzales, Soledad and Half Moon Bay Rotary Clubs.

In June, I’m heading down to San Diego for an art class taught by Kira Corser, a well known California artist. It’s a class for painting photos. On the way there, I’ll stop in North Hollywood to see my friend, Sumi Haru and then on to Kira’s home in Fallbrook.


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