Card caring alcohol server

Yesterday, I took a break and had an expensive lunch in Carmel. I don’t usually go out to restaurants there, and when I do, I get side orders. But I felt a need to pamper myself, and when I did, I found some friends from Soledad doing the same thing.

I sat inside with a good view of the outdoor patio. Friends sat down with my perfect view of four of them. It turns out they were visiting a cousin of one of them, who owns a wine tasting room. He closed up shop to sit with his cousin and friends for lunch.

We greeted each other and I went back to the Sunset Center where I work.

Later in the afternoon, I drove to Salinas to take a three hour class in serving alcohol. What’s this about, you ask? Well, according to the board of alcohol and what else, anyone who is serving alcohol at a fund raising event, must have a license.

I volunteered to work for a wine tasting event to raise funds for Dorothy’s Place.

For those of you who do not know about Dorothy’s Place, there is a great website where all the information is available. It shelters some  and feeds hundreds of homeless population. Much good comes from this place.

A few months back I volunteered at the kitchen, to prepare food for lunch. My job was to cut up onions. A mother, father and two children worked side-by-side with me. The parents were teaching their children how to give unto others.

Tonight is the wine tasting fund raiser, and I have my official alcohol service card, with the privilege of serving wine to folks who care about the homeless.


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